Do it For Yourself






We’re proud to be supporting the Do it For Yourself campaign as part of a collation which aims to raise awareness of the signs of Lung Cancer and encourage the people of South Tyneside to contact their GP if they’ve been experiencing a cough or ongoing breathlessness for three weeks or more.

This year we have become a nation of DIYers, spending time looking after our home but 1 in 3 of us delayed looking after ourselves. Lung Cancer is the third most common cancer in the UK but Lung Cancer referrals have dropped this year in some areas.

Not every cough is a COVID cough; having a cough for three weeks or more or getting out of breath doing things you used to be able to do, could be signs of Lung Cancer. At Victoria Medical Centre we know that the earlier cancer is diagnosed, the more treatment options are available.

If you have been impacted by Lung Cancer and want to share your story to help spread the message, then please get in touch and if you’re experiencing symptoms, contact you GP and “Do it For Yourself.”

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