E-Consult and E-Consult Lite

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all GP surgeries have to now screen patients before they come into the practice.

We are now offering a new service called E-Consult Lite. This is where a receptionist will fill in a form for you over the phone if you cannot access E-Consult yourself or are unable to fill in the online form. This form will then be passed to a clinician who will contact you either by email, telephone or text.

If you are calling about a medical problem, you no longer need to request an appointment with the GP or Nurse, you can simply fill in our online E-Consult form which can be found on this website.

Test results, sick notes and prescriptions can also all be requested via E-Consult.

If you are calling about a life threatening emergency please call 999.

What is an e consult

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