Joining the Practice

If you wish to register with Victoria Medical Centre, and our lists are open, you will be asked to complete registration and questionnaire health forms. You can collect these forms from our reception staff.

You will need to complete as much of these forms as possible for us to be able to accept your registration. We do advise that you must bring two forms of ID with you such as passport, drivers licence, student ID card, bank statement, utility bill etc.

Once your application form has been accepted, we will make you an appointment for your initial health check with the Health Care Assistant. You will not be offered an appointment with the GP until you have been seen by our Health Care Assistant.

Sick Notes

If you are unable to attend work due to illness, a self-certification (SC1) should be used for the first 7 days (including weekends) of your illness. After these 7 days, you will need to see or speak to a Doctor to get a further sick note.

You can also download a copy from here:


To retrieve test results, please telephone the surgery on 01914832106.

Please note, we are only able to disclose your results to you. If you want to nominate a family member or carer to be able to retrieve your results, we MUST have written consent from you. Please sign and date the document. We will then scan this information into your medical records (exceptions may apply)

Parents – please be awarepatients 16 years old or over must contact the surgery themselves to retrieve results. Due to our obligation in regards to patient confidentiality we are only permitted to discuss/disclose medical information with the patient if they are 16 years old or over (exceptions may apply).


If you need to hand in a sample (stool, urine or sputum) to be tested, please ensure this is handed in at the surgery no later than 11am. Samples handed in after this time will not be processed and you will have to produce another sample.

Changing Personal Details

It is most important that you inform us of any change in your personal details as soon as possible so that we can keep your records up to date and to prevent problems when sending you letters, making hospital appointments and home visiting etc. If you change address, telephone number or have an additional contact number or a mobile number that you would like us to add to your records then please inform us by either contacting the surgery or by completing a ‘Change of Personal Details’ form at reception.

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