Young People

Young Persons Letter

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We provide a CONFIDENTIAL service to all our patients, including under-16s. This means we won’t tell anyone else about your visit without your permission (sometimes called consent). All our staff have a duty to respect your confidentiality and no personal information will be passed on without your permission. The only time we ever share information without your consent is if you or someone else could be in danger. We would always talk to you first.


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please remember we offer a Smoking Cessation clinic at the practice. Please ask for further details at reception.



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Bullying can make you feel isolated and worthless, lonely, anxious, angry and lacking confidence. You may experience some or all of these feelings.

Some people who are being bullied develop depression, anxiety and eating problems. They may self harm or turn to drugs and alcohol. If you are experiencing problems like these because of bullying, it’s having an impact on your health. You need to talk to your GP, who will keep any information confidential.

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